About Us

Howard’s Business Solution Inc. (HBS), was founded in May of 2006 by the owner, Irene Howard.  Since then, HBS has been providing not only Wisconsin communities, but other states with a top quality, professional accounting and tax solution services at a reasonable price and on a timely basis.  We’ve always gone the extra mile to offer custom-tailored insight, support and guidance that our clients need.  As a small accounting firm, we focus on serving the unique needs of our clients on a one on one basis.

We offer a full range of:

  • Accounting (bookkeeping, start-up business, spreadsheets, financial statements, creating entities, etc.)
  • Federal & State Income Tax Returns (all schedules)
  • LLC Business Taxes, S & C Corp. Taxes, Non-Profit Taxes, Sales Taxes, Expositional Taxes & HWY Taxes
  • Tax Services for Previous Taxpayers with Unfiled Tax Returns going back as many as 10+ years
  • Payroll
  • Trucker Driver Startup’s (DOT, MC, LC)
  • Personal and Business Consulting

Our firm is designed to take the hassle and confusion out of the paper filing process and give you assurance that competent and trained professionals are handling your financial records.

We measure our success by how happy our clients are and their support by referring us to their family, friends and coworkers.


Owner of Howard’s Business Solutions

Irene Howard, Accountant, graduated from Milwaukee Area Technical and Accounting Associated Degree in 1998 and attended UWM-Milwaukee as an Accountant undergraduate with an accounting major.

I began my career in Income Taxes in 1996 and started out doing income taxes by hand as many senior tax preparers can probably recall…what didn’t kill us definitely made us stronger. As technology improved, I was able to transfer my work over to a computerized tax software for all my tax preparations. I also had the privilege of working with several different professional tax offices which I firmly believe, improved my overall knowledge of tax preparation and the all the different tax laws. Furthermore, I worked at MATC for 3 years as an inventory Accountant and Center for Veterans Issues as well as NABV (National Association for Black Veterans) doing all the accounting work for their four locations.